Underlying Meaning

This morning in one of those moments when one’s mind wanders, I was thinking about something a respectable Hollywood actress said during an interview.  She said that there are other things aside from sex that will keep a marriage alive.  And the first thought that went through my mind was – They’re not having sex!

Why is it like that?  Why is it that what somebody says is not important leads other people to think that that somebody is missing or lacking that which he says is unimportant?

Like when a person says that looks doesn’t matter in his choice of a girlfriend – one immediately concludes that the girlfriend is not pretty.  Or when somebody says that money is not important – people then assume that the somebody has no money.

I am guilty of that too.


Travel Light

I try.  I really try to take Omnia Mea Mecum Porto to heart.  But along the way, I can’t help but accumulate stuff in my life.  There is more than I need.  More than I can carry.

I am ruthless in giving away stuff, but not ruthless enough.  There is still a bit of a sentimentalist in me.  But I am not giving up.  The jettisoning of unneeded items continues.  

And I also need to shed things other than material stuff.  I need to shed bad habits too.  Maybe even bad acquaintances and friends.

It is a work in progress.  When better day to remind myself of living simply than in the coming year, as my new year’s resolution.  

Out with the bad.  And retain the good.