Sunday Date

It was a really nice morning today.  Windy and cool, I decided to go to the plaza to buy flowers to give to my niece.  

Nice driving along the way, no traffic, well except for the crush of churchgoers outside the cathedral.  But it was an interesting delay, looking at the people walking past.

I was fortunate to park just by the flower stands.  I looked at the liliums, the mums, milflores, gerberas and finally decided on roses. The rose choices were a bit pitiful since their suppliers weren’t able to deliver this week.  But oh well, this was not some grand production.  Just a fun Sunday bouquet for a little girl.  Quite a lot of people were buying too.  Some to offer to the dead, one for her altar, still another for a birthday celebration.  It was so …  European  🙂

I went to mom’s afterwards to get some ribbons to wrap around the stems and decided to stop by the funeral parlor to visit a nephew who passed away suddenly last Thursday.  I always like visiting when there are few people.  Even better if I am alone.  But it was a bonus to find his mom and other immediate family members around.  The camaraderie was very nourishing.  I felt warm and I could not stop smiling.

I got home to find O awake.  I thought to surprise him with a single red rose when he woke up but oh well, that it was not that big a surprise did not diminish the happiness that enveloped me from my early outing.

And seeing my niece’s surprise and ear to ear smile when I gave her the bouquet was worth it.  (Sorry about the blurriness though.  She moved as I snapped the photo)Image


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