Going Grey

It will be two years come March that I colored/ put highlights on my hair. 

It hasn’t always been this ok.  The first year when I was growing out the color, I had constant haircuts and I counted the months when it would finally be grown out.  And then when the highlights were finally gone from my hair, some dismay set in as I noticed how many grey hairs were hiding underneath my crowning glory.

The first few months were really depressing.  But I stuck to my decision to stay natural.  And eventually I did ignore my creeping greyness.  

It’s not totally grey and from afar, it still looks dark but when my hair is up, the greys come out.  Quite obvious that not a few “aunties” have commented that I should start coloring my hair.

Being comfortable with my decision to go natural, I am now able to smile and say I rather like how I look.  It’s aging that I can see.  Looking at the greys conditions my mind to the fact that I am aging.  It’s better this way rather than being shocked one day to discover how old I really am.

Slowly getting accustomed to the changes happening to my physical appearance.  That’s the best way to grow old.


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