I was never really comfortable around people in politics or in the government.  Let me rephrase that, I can deal with them when there is official business.  But when I am socializing with them, I find that I am at a loss for words and don’t quite know how to act around them.

I can’t bring myself to praise them when I don’t even keep up with their “achievements”.  So I usually just smile, laugh at their quips and bring out my small bag of platitudes.  But it gets awkward after a while.  I get bothered.  I feel like I am not a good host or a good guest.  I notice though that they don’t seem to be uncomfortable.  Either they are and they’re just used to it or they really don’t seem to notice that I am not contributing much to the conversation.

Jane has a term for that.  Polymers.  Some common synthetic polymers are rubber, silicone, neoprene, plastics …

So yeah, I was a polymer at several instances this week and the last.  It is no easy work to be a polymer.  It is tiring work.  Truly.

Identity Theft

A relative’s identity has been stolen.  The unknown person applied for store credit and was approved after presenting a driver’s license and a valid SS number.  Relative was perplexed at first when she received a statement in the mail – for items she hadn’t purchased.  And that was what she discovered when she went to the store to investigate.

Scary.  This is the first time I’ve actually known somebody whose identity was stolen.  I don’t count those fake twitter or facebook accounts.  If it doesn’t involve money, I think it’s not that serious.

And I remember a few years back when I was still active at Facebook, when I had 200+ “friends”, I remember some contacts of my contacts posting such personal information like their birthdays, their spouse’s name.  Somebody even posted a photo of his passport (albeit cropped but some data could be discerned).  And several friends of friends had photos of their driver’s licenses where their birthdays and card numbers were evident.

I was thinking while looking at their photos that if I was of the mind to steal their identity, I could do so.  I could apply for a driver’s license giving out the fake data.  Then apply for a credit card given that I knew their mother’s name, their birthdays and their addresses.  

But the mystery with relative is she isn’t active online.   So how did the thief acquire her data?  Granted it wasn’t perfect because her name was slightly misspelled, but the thief was able to apply for credit.  And had also applied for a credit card although she didn’t pass the credit check, maybe due to the slight errors.  That would’ve raised some red flags.

Anyway, so many people are just so careless on Facebook.  Sometimes you know your friends but you never know when these friends’ sites could be hijacked and then the hijackers would have access to your personal data.

People shouldn’t be so open with the details of their lives online.

Time Off

Super busy today.  The mental tiredness is even tiring than the physical tiredness.  So its writing time to ease the stress.

Yesterday I was washing the dishes and it was relaxing.  I guess it’s relaxing only because it’s not something I do everyday.  I bet the activity won’t be as soothing if it were work.  Anyway my mind was wandering.
Things have been going better with my psyche.  There is none of the soul searching of previous years.  I finally reconciled my head and my heart, my responsibilities and desires, my now and my future.  It was good to test the waters because now I understand.  I know how to balance my humanity against my spirituality.  I can now reconcile the ideal of detachment and with compassion.
Sometimes I look back and I wondered why it was difficult at that time when it seems so simple now.  But I guess that’s hindsight.




I finally committed to wearing eyeglasses last month.  The wooden frames convinced me.  As did the progressive lenses that allowed me to see far away stuff and still read my text messages or a book.  Lenses that had no visible line to divide the two function.  The icing on the cake were the transitions that did away with separate sunglasses.  Automatic dark lenses within 10 seconds out in the sun.

Yup, my eyes are aging.  I could no longer see the expressions of the actors in the movie screen.  I could no longer see the bride and the groom on the stage nor see their onsite videos, prenup photos what have you.  I could no longer see who was wearing what while in a party.  Sigh.  I was reduced to borrowing O’s glasses for the really important “viewings” like when somebody tells me – Hey look at who ABC’s date is.

The optometrist made sure I was committed to wearing “spectacles” (his term) since he said I could still do without one.  Most of my work involves me in a desk anyway and my eyesight were still ok for those.  

The wooden frames made me commit.  So, here’s the new me  🙂