I finally committed to wearing eyeglasses last month.  The wooden frames convinced me.  As did the progressive lenses that allowed me to see far away stuff and still read my text messages or a book.  Lenses that had no visible line to divide the two function.  The icing on the cake were the transitions that did away with separate sunglasses.  Automatic dark lenses within 10 seconds out in the sun.

Yup, my eyes are aging.  I could no longer see the expressions of the actors in the movie screen.  I could no longer see the bride and the groom on the stage nor see their onsite videos, prenup photos what have you.  I could no longer see who was wearing what while in a party.  Sigh.  I was reduced to borrowing O’s glasses for the really important “viewings” like when somebody tells me – Hey look at who ABC’s date is.

The optometrist made sure I was committed to wearing “spectacles” (his term) since he said I could still do without one.  Most of my work involves me in a desk anyway and my eyesight were still ok for those.  

The wooden frames made me commit.  So, here’s the new me  🙂



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