Careful With the Wishes

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had wishes.  But once in a while I forget and unconsciously form a wish in my mind.  Not exactly an outright wish.  More like thinking that it would be nice to have so and so or maybe some slight worrying that X inventory is rather low.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could top up inventory soon.

More often than not, things happen in a way that makes me feel the world enjoys a good joke and is laughing at me.  Because when it rains it pours.  And the wish is granted and then some.  More like; and then more.  And I find myself at the other end of the spectrum.

Not that I’m complaining but these unexpected opportunities necessitate certain adjustments in my life.  Some hassle but nothing that I can’t handle.  Only that – yes, there is the slight panic at the sudden upturn. or downturn as sometimes it does.  Not all wishes turn out good.  Sometimes when I yearn for a bit of excitement, some crisis is bound to happen.

That is why when I receive greetings from friends and associates; praying that all my wishes come true, it won’t be a prayer that I welcome.  

Sometimes you wish for something, thinking that having it fulfilled would make your life happier or better.  But then if it happens, most will realize that wishes aren’t all that they’re made out to be.  Much better I think to just enjoy life as it unfolds.  Welcome each and every challenge or misfortune or joy that comes.  Marvel at how our lives are so much the richer for the variety that comes. 

As a child, wishes are important but in adulthood, wishes should not be at the forefront of our lives.  In adulthood, we should have the skills to direct how our lives turn out.  



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