Lone Wolf

O and I are kind of lone wolves.  We are not members of any civic organizations or any friendly clubs.  Even when we travelled, it has always been the two of us – and now of course with the kids.  We never joined any tour groups.  Well, one time we travelled with O’s cousin and his family.  Although it was an ok trip, I realized that they wanted different things out of the travel.  Experiences that are not the same as what we seek.

But yesterday, after 6 years of being lone wolves on the road, O was finally convinced to join the local motorcycle club.  They were having a 4-day inter-island trip this July.  Complete with a back-up van and mechanics too.  I don’t know, the thought of all those motorcycles driving together worries me.  Not all know how to maintain their space or to adjust accordingly based on the rider in front of him.

The other day, we took Brunhilde for a ride together with a friend.  Friend was riding solo on his 800.  I was backriding with O.  We were behind him. The route we took had lots of twists/curves.  I was a bit apprehensive every time we took the curve.  Not because of O’s skill but because Friend slowed down considerably every time he negotiated the curve, such that by the time we were to take the curve, Friend was just slightly over a car length away.  Too near.  I was so afraid we would crash into him.  I think it should be 3 car lengths distance from each motorcycle.  We of course tried to lengthen the distance between him and us but he was not consistent with his speed.  Sometimes we would be as much as 5 car lengths away then as we approached a curve, that distance would alarmingly shorten.  The steeper the curve the quicker he slowed down and we would find ourselves too near him again.


People always shook their heads when they found out we would take motorcycle rides around the island (and even inter island) by ourselves.  They would always admonish us to travel with a group since it would be safer, having back-up and all.  

But after that ride, I think I would feel safer without a group.  Well, maybe if a more experienced rider were in front of us, that’d be ok.  But I think Friend wasn’t that confident of his riding skills yet.

This weekend, he again suggested a ride together.  I told O that we had to be farther away from him or better yet, be in front this time.  We’ll see if my opinion about joining the pack will change.  


The things you see on a mountain road. Taken on another ride … alone

The New Mistress


After almost 3 years, I rode pillion again.  O has a new mistress.  Catie’s been garaged for the meantime.  Now he has Brunhilde.  We give nicknames to the other women in his lives.  Personally I think this new woman can barely be classified as a woman.  Not in the least bit sexy.  Such a thick waist.  She’s an amazon, a warrior.  None of the sexy curves of Catie. 

Helga Brunhilde, that’s what I call her.

Brunhilde isn’t as exciting as Catie, her with her sense of speed, but Brunhilde is such a smoother and comfier ride on the bridge approaches and the occasional gravel roads.  She took the twisties quite well too.  What can I say?  She is after all an Adventure Tourer.  Brunhilde will be more reliable.  

My post in Nov 2010:
Is there such a thing as a good accident?  as accidents go, what we had was kinda good.  not much incoming traffic, no other party, 15 min away from hospital, no dangerous protrusions to land on – yup, it was a good one.

i am typing with one hand since i injured my middle finger tendon and its now on a splint.  Some abrasions on O’s knees.  Swollen ankles on both our left foot.  of course black and blue bruises on some parts of the body and a general soreness from being thrown about, but other than that i’m feeling fine.  The helmets and the upper body protective gear worked great!

of course i got the whole riot act from my mom.  And O’s dad seconded the motion.  I can say that there will be no motorcycle riding for me in the near future but to be honest, my next thought after getting my wind back is -“I need to get some good riding boots and pants”.  Crazy thoughts.  But out of respect for my mom, I’m not getting back on while she’s around.  Now I know why a friend bought a big bike on his 56th birthday.  I teased him about having a mid life crisis.  His reply was much more practical.  Because his dad is no longer around to express displeasure.

My life didn’t flash before my eyes.  I wasn’t even afraid.  More like- uh oh… then wham.  Thrown off the motorcycle and rolling in the gravel before coming to a stop on my left side.  I looked for O and saw him immediately.  No time to worry since he moved as soon as I saw him.  My sister in law was more scared then we were.  But good thing for them.  We got first aid immediately since they had a kit on board their car.

And so I’m blogging.  I’m kinda sad that I can no longer ride.  I hope I can walk by next week.