Back to the Wife

Somebody saw my cousin walking hand in hand with her ex-husband in the mall.

The ex-husband experimented with illegal drugs, dated several young ladies while still married to my cousin and while the annulment was still being processed, lived with one young enough to be his daughter.  He even went around and introduced the lady as his fiancée.

But I guess cousin really loves ex-husband because when the drugs addled his brain which resulted in some brushes with the law and the eventual drying up of his bank account which of course led to fiancee dumping him – it was cousin who took care of him and booked him in a rehab center, paid for the fees and visited him every month.

I have seen so many couples like that.  In the end, the broken husband returns to the wife left behind and the wife always accepts him.  It is how it is in our culture.

Another cousin says, it is so easy to see the erring partner’s fault but we never know how it is if you are the one living with the erring partner.  We wonder why after being left for another woman, wife will still accept husband back.  Sometimes love forgives all.  Sometimes it is the shared history that makes one partner forgiving.  We will never know. And I hope I will never know.


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