And That is Why I don’t Like Free Trips

We travel in two days and we got our itinerary only now.  The dates they initially told me had been changed and they didn’t even update me.  Of course the preferred dates and time I gave them depended on the original itinerary.  I specifically chose those dates/time in order to minimize the wait time from domestic to international. 

But they changed the international departure and they kept my original domestic request date.  Which meant that I now had to waste almost a day with nothing to do.  There are so many things to do at home, one day means a lot. 

I shouldn’t be choosy since everything is free but heck, my time is precious.  And I am at that age where I can afford to turn down freebies if it doesn’t suit my schedule or if it wrecks havoc on my plans.

So yes, that is why in the 20 years that I have been entitled to free trips, this is only the second time I have availed of it and now I am reminded why I was right not to have joined the herd.

Travelling by ourselves is the best.  I get to choose my schedule and best of all, 2 weeks before we depart, everything is ready, booked and printed.  Right now, I am still waiting for my return ticket.


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