Male/ Female

Last night I met up with high school classmates.  I was the only girl when O and I arrived.  I didn’t mind.  I rather like male topics.

Then 30 minutes later the other girls arrived.  But I didn’t transfer to their side of the table.  The conversation on our side of the table was going full swing with a recently retired army Lt. col recounting his war stories.  It was very interesting.  I have a soft spot for soldiers.

So there they were; my classmates including O, talking about guns and cannons and grenades and tiptoeing around politicians.  I didn’t know how the conversation tapered off but the group splintered into smaller groups and I turned my attention to another set of classmates talking motorcycles.  I looked over to the girls.  They didn’t look very animated.  Somehow there was no desire to join them.

It was close to midnight by then and so I looked at O and made signs to leave.  I went to the other table to say goodbye where they asked me to stay a few more minutes.  They were talking about my best friend and why she was still single.  Well, I had to stay and listen.  Boy, were their conjectures way off mark.  I wanted to tell them the truth but best friend made me promise to keep her status a secret.  So i listened while they debated why pretty, successful and intelligent women are still single.  

It was kind of interesting actually, listening to them boys talking about that.  It reminded me of university when we would debate principles, throw around ideas and just generally have the kind of talk when one is tipsy and feeling philosophical.  The goodbye extended another hour and it was close to 1 when I finally extricated myself from the conversation.

I looked over at the girls.  I wonder if they thought it weird that I was with the boys.  I don’t really care.  I was able to drop in on one of their conversations and talking about religiosity and how one of the husbands was sweet and funny kind of bored me.  I can talk religion only if it is debated or analyzed and not when it is praised or experienced.  Suffice it to say that I am not a fan of organized religion and it’s many dos and don’ts.

I thought back to what classmate Ors mentioned several years back.  I’d like to take it as a compliment.  He said I was a man in a woman’s body.  And I quite agree.

Is This Cute?

Last week I came home to see this certificate on the living room table.  Baby O was voted by his class as Cutie Patootie.  I laughed out loud.  Called out to him and teased him.  “So you’re cutie patootie?”  and he had the temerity to reply “Was there any doubt mama?”.  

My son, so confident of his cuteness.  














                                                                                                                 Is this cute or what?  🙂                              

Scandinavian Cooking

I am so mentally drained, I can’t think properly.  So I napped.  I woke up to O watching this cooking show:  New Scandinavian Cooking.  Their featured menu was shrimps.

Ok, I sat up and watched.  Shrimps.  Boiled.  Not even in salt or any herb.  Then the host prepares a special mayonnaise mix of egg yolk, lime and oil.  And that’s it.  I laughed out loud.  “This is something you need to show on tv?”  I thought to myself.  Granted Norwegian shrimps are really fresh, we tried when we were at Akker Brygge, but hey that’s not enough to be on a cooking show.  Norwegian shrimps are good because they are fresh and fat – and not because of any cooking skill.

Then I remember several weeks ago when we also chanced on the same show.  That time it was a leg of lamb.  We watched because lamb is one of our favorites.  Midway through the show though, I lost interest.  I mean I am never going to find the wild herbs the host used.  And so many herbs and whatnots!  Never mind.

I saw the finished product.  It didn’t look appetizing at all.  So different from Italian cooking.


          Andreas Viestad – host of New Scandinavian Cooking Show

Two Way Street

I was caught in traffic this afternoon.  It seems everyone is out and about doing their christmas shopping.  

So I was listening to the radio and they get to their Classified section.  Wanted: handsome and tall man; the announcer says then rattles off a mobile number – presumably of the person doing the wanting.

I waited for the punchline or for additional description of the searcher.  And I raised my eyebrows when the announcer moved on to the next ad/classifieds.  What?  I thought to myself.  The ad has at least to let the searchee know what gender the searcher is and what attributes could demand a handsome and tall man.

Sheesh.  It was good for a few chuckles.

My Loki

Of late, I have been enamored with Loki as played by Tom Hiddleston in the Thor movies.  I already found Loki fascinating since he was introduced in Thor 1 and through Avengers but it wasn’t until Thor2 that it became a full-blown crush.  Especially seeing him without his Loki costume, dancing and making impersonations.  He is so cute, both with or without his Loki persona.

I can not get over his “Say my name” speech at the San Diego comic convention.  He is so magnetic and so, just so sexy.

Anyway, the other day I found this sketch I did of O a few years back.  It was a draft that I never got to finish.  He looks a bit like Loki.  Or maybe I am just looking at it through the eyes of love.  

My Loki is as sexy and magnetic as Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, minus the sexy long black hair  🙂  Biased!  Maybe I should buy him a wig!


You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

I remember this woman when she was still part of a group that would sometimes be featured in the society pages.  I pegged her as a social climber.  I mean, which columnist post photos of a group of friends’ private dinner – no event, just a regular friends’ get together?  The columnist must have gotten something in exchange for posting photos of them fully made-up in their designer clothes and bags.  Which I have confirmed last year that indeed this particular society columnist accepts marketing fees and guess what his services include?  And I know because?  Because a cousin uses his services too!  Ah, some people are really publicity hungry.  I mean I can understand media mileage about a product, but media mileage about one’s self is a totally different matter.

But back to Ms. Socialite wannabe, reading about her group made for a few minutes of fun as I privately chuckled at their “hidden” desires.  And then after about a year or two, she broke away from the group in that she started getting her own photos, separate from her friends, into the society pages.  Oh, she’s rich and all but I guess now that they have the money next would be recognition?

And her clothes improved too.  I bet she got herself a stylist.  She was now wearing clothes that occasionally actually looked good on her with an even more exclusive price tag.  She had now graduated to those brands that was less common to the general public.  Not bad, I thought to myself.  I got to hand it to her, she is improving.  And when in the few occasions she was pictured with her original group of friends, she stood out.  Less tacky now.

And then another year passes and she was now fully established in the society pages with a look that she was starting to cultivate.  Where before she just went with what was expensive, now she was starting to be identified with a slight bohemian-classic look – of course still with the prerequisite expensive brand.  She no longer went with what was in but rather began to be pictured with slightly obscure models and brands.  (I know because I googled the brands).

And then last year, she was voted one of Manila’s Stylish Icons.  Aba!  See how money can buy you honors.

And today, wow!  I opened the lifestyle section and there she was – a half page spread modeling Ferragamo products.  Oh hey, baby – you’ve come a long way.  I barely recognized her from the overly made up, Birkin toting, Herve dressed up woman of 5 years ago.  She actually looks good.  Classy too.

Despite laughing at your attempts to be a socialite, I have to salute you girl.  You certainly reached your objective and lived your dream.  Go for it girl, Cheers! 

Senior Moment

I was on the phone not 5 minutes ago and I have no idea who I was talking to and what we were talking about.  I know if I rack my brains, I might remember.  But it just isn’t worth the effort.  My brain is looking towards the next thing on the to-do list.

Baaad.  Waiting for my mail to load, I am hoping the memory will come to me.  Nada.

Oh well


My friend P who is in media is stoic.  I have never seen her really affected the whole time I know her.  But the other night as she was talking about her frustrations about our government’s response to the recent typhoon, she was crying.  

It is different when you see death and destruction, juxtaposed with tons of help that lay idle because politics come into the picture.  And then you get to see the glimmer of the depth of frustrations being felt by residents, on the ground volunteers/ aid workers – those directly affected by the typhoon.  The can-do spirit of the Filipinos come to the fore in making do with what is available.  They go on the best they can despite the red tape the government throws their way every step of the way.  And it is EVERY step of the way.  You have aid workers, medical aid volunteers, other calamity savvy organizations stranded in another island because the national government wants to vet who would get in.  You have thousands of relief packs being repacked – repacked?  It goes on and on.  Is it because the local government is opposition?  I do not understand why the delay, and I never will.  It is not because because it is an island.  If individuals can send help the day after the typhoon why can’t the national government?

It is sad that lives are being played as the protagonists play politics with help.  In trying to oust the opposition local government, the national government has only succeeded in shooting their own feet, slapping their own face, cutting off their own noses.  They have only succeeded to ensure that the typhoon hit island will continue to vote opposition in years to come.

And that is why I never donate to a cause through a government agency or to any foundation.  If I can not help directly, I don’t help at all.  There are many causes to help and I would rather that I know my donations have actually helped an actual person than go with the herd and help the current popular victims.

I still support our national government but come election time in 3 years, no more.  I have realized just how inutile the top two officials are and I will not be supporting their party.


Does He Make Your Heart Go Pitter Patter?

I asked my good friend about her new boyfriend.  Is it the kind of relationship where you melt when you see him?  Is it the kind where you miss him a lot and can’t wait to be in his arms again?  The kind where your heart goes pitter patter when you go out on a date?

My friend was honest enough to say no to all three.  It is the kind where you feel everything is right with the world when you are together.  The kind where you know he will be there for you, that if you need him he will move heaven and earth to be with you.  The kind where being with him evokes a fuzzy kind of warm.  No fireworks, no drama – just a good kind of love, a soft loving kind of love.  A love that cares and understands.

So, okay, it isn’t the bang bang exciting fireworks kind of love – is it any less of a relationship?

I’ve been watching and reading too many romance novels.  I should realize that at our age, we know what is important in this world.  No thank you to the drama and wild mood swings.  Hello harmony and satisfaction.