Allowing Freedom

I wrote this post several years back, at a time when I thought about my life a lot.  It is good to know that despite what I discovered about myself during those times of introspection, I realized that I love my life as is.

Do not give freedom to anyone if you do not want them to change.  It is always a risk.  To allow a person the space to grow, to do whatever he likes – there will always be a chance that that person will grow in directions which you might not like, in direction counter to your beliefs.

There is no guarantee that if you let a person run free, that he will be grateful to you and that he will not do anything to cause you pain.  It is not cut-and-dried.

Be careful in not imposing what you want on another person because then that person might realize that after he has experienced much much more, he might realize that his place is not with you.

If you are not willing to risk losing this person, then do not give him freedom to do as he wishes.  


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