We had our first general rehearsal this morning.  For the dinner performance next Friday.  I have a solo number called the Peacock Dance. 

I have been dancing this particular dance for almost 20 years.  Add to that other shows: ballet, flamenco, modern and Chinese dances.  I have been performing onstage on and off for more than 30 years.  I should be comfortable with this. 

But no, as I waited for my turn this morning, I could hear my heart thumping loudly.  My hands were cool and I had to control slight tremors in my hand.  Some butterflies in the tummy.  And this wasn’t even the real dress rehearsal.  Just the blocking and the order and checking the flow of the show.

O said he read somewhere that the minute you lose the jitters before a particular dance, is the time when you retire that dance.  It simply means that it has become rote and loses its passion.  That’s a nice explanation.


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