Bovine Manure

Or alternately equine manure would do. 

Anyway, a while back I was a bit miffed with one of the underlings at city hall.  And when I am disgusted, all these deep high faluting words just come out.  I put pen to paper when I am very miffed and that is when my choicest, deepest, obscure vocabulary comes out.  It satisfies my anger while at the same time protecting my dignity.  I am sure 90% of these people have only an inkling of what I am babbling about.

It doesn’t matter if they do not understand.  The main purpose of putting pen to paper is releasing the frustrations I feel.  Even in my anger, I do not want people to feel hurt.  This way, I hit two birds with one stone.  I get to bawl them out.  And they probably have no idea of the depths of the nether region I put them in. 

I actually smile at the words I use once my frustration blows over.  I should file all these letters for my future entertainment. 

Listening to my Body

My episodes of dizziness were becoming more frequent in the past 2 weeks, so I had a complete blood count done last Tuesday.  I am anemic but my hemoglobin and rbc were below even my usual sub-counts.  So that was why I was feeling dizzy.  At least wbc was normal as well as platelets.  No infection.

So, the day after I got my results, I changed my diet.  I researched on foods that would increase my hemoglobin and red blood cells.  No wonder I had been craving for vegetables and bananas/apples the past 2 weeks.  Bread too.  It seems these food increased blood.  

I never did like western medicines.  So I’m trying the diet.  

The day I learned I needed to increase my reds, I bought liver barbecue and had spinach for lunch and dinner.  Then an apple for dessert.  The following day I had oysters and more green leafy veggies and more apples.  Then the day after, sardines, still more veggies and bananas; with an S.  For the weekend I had beef every meal (I’m not a fan of beef so it takes an effort to eat beef).

And what do you know?  Not one dizzy spell since I changed my diet.  My palms even took on a ruddy color from its usual paleness.

I can’t wait for this Friday when I have another CBC.  I hope the results will be nearer to normal then.  I don’t hold much hope for getting into the normal range.  Ever since I could remember, my hemoglobin and reds have always been below normal.  It’s like my body has adapted to it.

So now I’m not going to knock those cravings.  It just might be my body telling me something.

Lazy Sunday

Nothing to do this Sunday afternoon.  After a nap and reading the papers and the gossip rag, I went to our living room.  I was looking for something to occupy my time and I saw the Jacks set I bought several years back on a whim.

I used to be very good at playing jacks (jackstones) in my elementary days.  We even had a game called chinese jack stones (small square shaped pillows filled with mung beans), with modified versions of picking up the “jacks”.


Anyway, I took out the jacks and had a go at it on our living room floor.  Too bad the rubber ball was not as bouncy; probably degraded from storing it too long.  And one of the jacks had lost a leg.

Not bad if I must say so.  Still got it.  I went through the one’s, two’s all the way to the 10s.  Then to the falling stars and the around the world and the caves.  Yeah.  🙂


Respecting Privacy

O gave his mobile to eldest son when O availed of the mobile company’s free phone promo.  So eldest son passed on his mobile to second son. 

Today I was going to put in a new SIM since second son finally needed to use the mobile phone.  And what do I see when I go to the main menu?  eldest son’s text messages with his girl.  Well of course the first message was there for me to see- couldn’t help that.  But I was tempted to see the other messages.  I asked O if I should read them.  O shrugged and said “Up to you”.

I thought about it this afternoon.  What would I gain from reading those messages anyway?  Eldest is on his way to adulthood.  I thought about it some more.  Finally decided, nope.  Not going to read the messages.  Eldest deserved his privacy.  I will just have to trust in him.  So I deleted the messages.  All 239 of them.

Money Not that Evil

The past few weeks has made me very thankful for having extra funds.  It’s the difference between a mistake turning catastrophic and simply being a hiccup.

I am thankful that I have the leeway to make mistakes without fear of bankruptcy.  The lost funds of course grates on my ego.  That I was not thorough in the examination and someone put one over me.

I don’t understand this kind of person.  I understand most people will think nothing of rounding up a price, getting a little extra in on their side.  But outrightly selling what is not theirs to sell in the first place?  I’m talking road right of way appropriated by the government that they still sold as their property. And to think they were my father’s friends.  A common friend said it well when describing them.  Snakes – that’s what he calls them and he refuses to deal with them at all. 

It is a costly mistake but a learning experience in that henceforth all future dealings will be scrutinized carefully no matter if they are relatives or friends (or lovers?  haha).  Anyway …

So we end up overpaying.  No matter.  It is a good location.  We still love the location.  It’s just the thought that we paid more than we should.

I talked to this person the other day in a light manner, asking why they included the road right of way in the sale, after I had confirmed that the government had already paid for the appropriation.  Wala gid ya huya, as in kapal-muks ang reply.  No remorse at all.  He insisted that they hadn’t been paid and technically the lot was still theirs to sell.  Uh huh, right.  And you didn’t even mention such detail.   He closed the conversation by saying, don’t worry I’ll help you settle the title change.  At no cost to us.  Excuse me, the least you could do!

I toyed with the idea of suing for misrepresentation of information.  But litigation doesn’t seem to be the answer.  It’s not about what is right or true.  It’s about how they are expert in finding loopholes in laws and having no qualms in exploiting such loopholes.  Too slick and oily to be caught.

So, there you go.  A costly lesson.



I have been a bit irritable lately.  I don’t know if it’s because of my new dental retainers.  A tooth is getting crookeder by the year and my dentist asked if I would consider retainers.  Why not?  I thought to myself.

Well now, I’m lisping my S and eating is no longer as fun as before.  I am not comfy at all.

Maybe it’s coincidence but I’ve been a bit short tempered lately.

Sigh.  Even O getting tired so early in the evening got to me.  No sympathies from me tonight.  He’s a grown man, he should know how to pace himself.  If his body can not keep up, I don’t , for the life of me, understand why he or people for that matter would push themselves to the detriment of their health.

I don’t know why he can not say no.  I can.  That is probably why I am not sympathetic to his plight.

Dancing for Pleasure

Dancing as a profession is not for me.  Dancing for fun, dancing when I want to – that is what I want.

Between overseeing our business and practicing for my solo, I find that for the day to day – working with numbers is more acceptable.  When I get tired of numbers, there is the music and the movements to relax me.  But when I get tired of dancing, there isn’t much to relax me.  Numbers definitely are not relaxing for me.

There were times the past few weeks when dancing was no longer fun, when I had to, when it was necessary to dance.  Not to mention the fact that I had to put up my hair (all those spray nets!) and put on make-up.  Obviously I do not enjoy putting on globs of color on my face.  And I hate not being able to eat properly in the days leading to a performance.

The idea of dancing for an audience was initially exciting but I realized it doesn’t do it for me as much as it did several years ago.  Yea the compliments made me smile and swelled my heart but this is probably the start of the end.  This might be the last of this particular dance.  

Peacock Dance during the lunar new year celebration.  The video took so long to load,  I’ll have to settle for a photo as memento.



Not Deserving

All kinds of people have been coming up to me congratulating me for a successful city festival.  Sometimes I would be a bit embarrassed, at times I would minimize my part and pass on credit to our team but more often that not it was just easier to smile and say thank you.  And add that I hope they enjoyed themselves.  It was too tiring to explain.


Actually, I didn’t think it was that successful.  Sure a lot of people were out on the streets.  But was the purpose of the festival achieved?  That is debatable.  What kind of people did we attract?  Do we want these kind of people?  

It is difficult to find a balance.  We want the businesses along the festival site to benefit from the crowds.  We want the festival goers to spend.  And yet the people who are willing to spend are different from the people who came out in droves the past three days.  How do we find a balance; the warm bodies that energize an event and the kind of festivalgoer who wants a higher level of entertainment that will encourage him to open his wallet?

One of the issues that needs to be threshed out for next year.