Back to my Kingdom

I am back home after our 19day vacation.  I missed work.  I missed my bed.  I missed home.

The vacation was fun and never did I think of work all those days, not until we were on the plane home.  But when I got home, jet lagged flew out the window as I faced work.  Sure I was a bit annoyed at some missteps done while I was away, but even those made me feel alive.

Traveling and going to new places are exciting and amazing but being guests in somebody’s house is a bit stressful.  Being a good guest takes some skill.  On the one hand you have to show that you appreciate what the host has to offer, on the other hand you also want to lessen the burden on the host.  You sleep past your bedtime.  You eat when they eat.  You try not to hog the bathroom.  And I usually think of the laundry they have to do with the sheets, blankets, towels and all when we leave.  That dampens the fun a bit.  

I much prefer staying in hotels.  That way you can be as messy as you want and you can decide what time you want to leave the hotel.    But friends and families this time around insisted we stay with them.  

It has its good points in that we got to be with locals instead of being regular tourists.  For isn’t that what most travel is about?  To get your whole body in the water and not just dip a hand or foot.  We lost out on the usual tourist photos but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I guess in life, there has to be a bad with the good.

Its great to be home and blogging again.


It’s past one and I can’t sleep.  I have a visa interview tomorrow, make that later in the day.  But that is not the reason for not nodding off to dreamland.  I will be joining O for a biker’s convention in another island the day after the interview.

Did I pack everything?  Are my documents in order?  Will my flight be delayed?  Will the embassy guys find more stuff to nitpick?  Did I pack enough underwear?  Will they allow me to hand carry my helmet?

So I am here reading other blogs and blogging.  Hoping I get sleepy in the next few minutes.