Saturday night

Alone in Manila, staying right across my alma mater, I didn’t feel like having a fancy dinner. I was craving for fast food. So I started walking, see which restaurant would catch my fancy.

I ended up at 7-11. I saw their microwave dinners. The baked chicken looked delicious. I got that one and a bottle of Mirinda. My bill came to Peso96 (usd2.20). I borrowed the newspaper from the hotel lobby and had a relaxing meal in my room. Surprisingly the baked chicken was tasty, juicy and tender.

Several minutes of surfing and then I decided to seek out dessert. I walked in the opposite direction from 7-11 and came to a shop selling artisan ice cream. Sounds interesting. I order vanilla bean, one scoop on a cone. My bill came to P100 ( usd2.30). Gee, my ice cream is more expensive than my dinner plus drinks.

No matter, it balances out. And the ice cream was good. Yummy. Tomorrow I go home.


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