Is This What I Want?

For more than10 years now, I have had this desire to enroll in a Masters program or a short term course in one of the premier business school in our country. But their schedules required me to be out of town for quite some time; several months at least.

Every time I saw their ad, I would look longingly.

Last year, a friend’s husband was telling us about this program in my alma mater that was results based and required his presence in the classroom only every other weekend except for the first month. I could do that, I thought. It was not the same school but my alma mater has a reputation just as good.

I let two batches pass before i finally moved my butt to submit an application. The funny thing is, while I was sending my application, I was hoping they would reject me. I threw obstacles their way. I submitted a crappy resume. I downplayed our business size (one of the requirements for this course was that one has to have an actual running business of which the applicant was in the top management). I told them I was not willing to change my flight schedule when they tried to move my interview. I also informed them I would be absent for the third week of classes. At the back of my mind I was thinking that if it’s meant to be, it will be so.

And what do you know, they adjusted the interviewer’s schedule in order that my original interview date would push through. They said I could bring home reading materials on my scheduled absence. And the crappy resume although meriting a comment from the interviewer was set aside.

And so i wonder if I made the right choice? Will I be able to handle this extra responsibility? Will I miss my downtime at home? Will I go crazy? What am I getting myself into?

But everything seems to be cooperating for me to push through with this. My only consolation is that it is only 18months. That’s not too long.


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