AML Journal 1

I will also be organizing my journals on Acute Myeloid Leukemia

It Happens
Apr 23, ’12
The past ten days have been absolutely crazy.  Diagnosis of a major illness for my mom, minor surgery for another family member and an upcoming trip with the family.

A thought did strike me that people might say its bad luck, or maybe karma?  But I myself didn’t think of it that way.  These things happen.  I adjust.  I might have had a few hours of emo thing but I think that was necessary to let out the stress.  After some tears, I usually feel better.  Tears are therapeutic for me.  Of course I had to warn the husband so he wouldn’t be alarmed or think he was the cause.  A few moments before the dam broke, I told him I would be crying and that it had nothing to do with him but more like my body’s way of coping with the current pressures.

A couple of days of hassle and I think everything’s ok.  A few lost opportunities but it can’t be helped. A small price to pay for peace of mind.

I am ok now.  I have taken it all in.  It doesn’t seem so bad, in the bigger scheme of things.


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