What is my vision for our company? I have no ambitions to be market leader nor to dominate.

I have been stumped with this vision thing for our course requirement. In the past, as long as we made money and our customers were satisfied, I was content. Still am content. But now I have to come up with this vision thing to make everything that we have been doing more “professional”.

Maybe I just don’t have high ambitions.

Whatever the case, I sometimes think that this new knowledge is a bit dangerous. I am just glad that I, more or less, know what I want out of life and out of our company. It is easy to be swept away by the grandiose talks of the professors. I know their role is to inspire and I listen politely. But in the end I know that that is not what I want. Maybe my brother will want that. Maybe my sons will want that. But as long as I have a say, we will be content with not making waves. We do not need to receive awards for top sales. As long as we are growing, that is enough.

We are certainly no Amazon nor Google nor Nike. I am definitely no Elon Musk nor Steve Jobs. I am no innovator but our company has survived 48 years, 22 of those under my care. I can only hope that it will survive another 48. And I guess that is the main reason I enrolled in this course.

I need to systematize what we have been doing for the time when I am no longer around. I need to make sure the past 48yrs were no fluke. And so, I really need to come up with an acceptably ambitious vision.

Inspiration, I am open to your visit. Please don’t let me wait too long.


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