New Love’s Thrill

24 Dec 2014

This man who broke up with his long-term girlfriend has moved in his new younger girlfriend into his home. He has been bringing his new girl to all the meetings and get togethers.

I reserved judgement on the new girl until I was able to actually get to know her. And today, they joined us for coffee and I saw firsthand the interaction between the two of them. Admittedly, you could see the fondness in the eyes of Mr. man when he talks to new girlfriend. He gently teases her and I can see the sparkle in his eyes when new girl scowls prettily.

Who am i to begrudge them their happiness? Even if new girl is less than half is age. New girl seems to enjoy his company and on occasions would also tease him back.

There is nothing to be sorry for. Life is how it is. Someone gets left behind. Someone gets hurt but in the end, I shall not judge.