I Got My Answer

I often wondered how some people passed this masteral course when I know them to be flighty and not at all the sort who could write. I’m not talking research because you could always tell a staff to do the research for you but at the very least, you wrote your own paper.

Well last night I met someone who used to work for one of this acquaintance. And guess what I learned? This person I met last night wrote the paper of his boss. Kaya pala nakapasa.

The justification is, they were able to defend the paper so the student presumably understood what his paper was all about.

Still, it was a bit of a downer knowing that you could pass this prestigious course by letting somebody else do your paper.

Fight for Love

I was sad when I heard that a young friend in her late 20s had broken up with her boyfriend because her parents did not approve of the man. They’d been together 2 years, hoping that her parents would warm up to the relationship but friend decided that it would be a difficult relationship if she did not get her parents’ blessing.

And the reason why they did not approve? Because man has a child with his college sweetheart 9 or 10 years ago but with whom he has had no contact anymore because college sweetheart kept the child away from the man.

My friend has accepted man’s past but it seems her parents can not. Especially the father. Actually the father had no negative opinions when man was still courting my friend and before man’s past came to light.

And so because we her new friends thought man was a nice, intelligent man who obviously cared for our friend – we shared in her sadness. We asked her why she would not fight for the relationship but she said it would be difficult to go against the family.

That was 3 weeks ago.

Today I learned that they are back together again.The juicy details? Well, man called up friend’s mom after their break-up to request a meeting. And when they met, he pleaded his case to the point he cried. And mom felt a little guilty. The end result? parents reserved judgement, told man to prove he would take care of their daughter and voila! their relationship is back on.

I am impressed with the man. He obviously believes my friend is worth fighting for; that their love is worth fighting for.

I truly believe that if you want something that badly, you will find a way. And here is a perfect example.


One of our gurus loves to say that as entrepreneurs, we should be different not better. Because better means you are doing the SAME thing as the others only better. And that leaves you open to being copied so that in time the others could be better than you.

Whereas if you are different, then you will probably be ignored by the competitors as you fine-tune your strategy. And if you are successful, your competitors will brush you off as a fluke and will not even try to follow you. They will probably think you are crazy. And by the time they realize that there is method in your madness and try to copy you, you will probably be off with one of your different ideas.

And that is what I did in one of our business last year. Our new policy spawned gossip that we might be closing down or that we were crazy. But at the end of the year, the results were incredible. A confluence of a lot of events led to a much much healthy bottom line minus the usual stress. And three months into the year, we are hoping that last year was no fluke.

And yet just this morning, an industry player questioned our latest policy. He was puzzled why we would do such a thing. I explained why but he still thought it was wasted opportunity when we decided to streamline the products we were selling to focus on the ones that had synergy with our other businesses. He bemoaned the lost opportunity. I saw him nod when I further explained but his eyes said otherwise.

Our guru is right, people thought we were crazy. I am not going to enlighten them. We are doing well and that’s that.

Ms. Contrary

My second son is graduating from high school next week. The school’s official activity is a baccalaureate mass where they give out the diplomas and medal in church followed by a simple brunch or mid afternoon snacks ( in this year’s case).

This year’s parents ( the active ones anyway) are the kind who hover around their kids and they have organized a show; a tribute kind of thing. Final exams were done 2 weeks ago. I understand the practises needed for the graduation rites but deem the daily almost 8 hours practice for the show as overkill.

I am obviously in the minority. I believe that life is a marathon and that more important things are to come for my son. Get the diploma, say goodbye to friends and teachers – that’s it. Let’s go off to the next challenge.

Sigh. I have a reputation for being contrary to the rest of the parents. Maybe even no fun. I extol simplicity. The less to spend on the extras, the better. I guess that makes me a no-fun person.

I am just glad that the university eldest attends and now second son will attend is no-nonsense. After all, it is the same order that has shaped Pope Francis.

One more son to go, and i’ll be rid of the helicopter parents.