Anything is Possible


Look at all those twisties. That is riding heaven for a biker. Lysebotn/Sirdal road.

We will holiday in Stavanger next month. Why Stavanger? Simply because it was the nearest city most convenient in the holiday route we planned. And as I researched on things to do in that city, I came across this road. Well, obviously the next thing to do was to look for bike rentals.

We googled bike rentals, husband dropped by riding forums and after 2 weeks of searching and emailing and asking – the consensus was that bike rentals are almost non-existent in that country, all the more so in Stavanger. Husband said he was ok without the ride. It was a nice enough city.

There has got to be a way, I could not give up. I googled motorcycle dealers. They might have second hand units we could rent or there might be a rider willing to rent out his bike.

And so I called everyone on the list. The first one on my list was encouraging, told me to email him the details. The second one was not answering the phone while I got a “the number is not available” on the rest on the list.

My first email was returned, I probably got the address wrong. The second email was sent last week. It didn’t return but neither did I get a reply. Two days, three days … no acknowledgement at all. I didn’t want to call again, I didn’t want to come out pushy. Oh well, if it’s not meant to be, its not meant to be.

And 2 weeks after my email, I got a reply today! They are willing to rent out their demo unit! Oh joy! I couldn’t stop smiling as I told husband. It’s his birthday soon, that is my birthday gift to him. Much much more fun than planning a dinner party 🙂

I firmly believe that if you want something badly, you will find ways and that anything is always possible.

Now, let’s deal with the gear and the route. One at a time …