Roller Coaster Days

The past two days have been crazy.

Tuesday started out well enough but quickly soured when the bank called to inform me that my account has been garnished in relation to a labor case involving a sacked guard and the security agency that hired him. I was a co defendant because this sacked guard was assigned to our building. Early this year, we bit the bullet and accepted the decision that guard was illegally dismissed. We paid our half share.

But why the garnishment? Turned out that the security agency didnt pay their share and since i was jointly liable, they ran after my account.

That really soured my mood. It took me a couple of hours to digest what just happened. Finally, i just decided to accept it. Whats been done has been done. Stressing myself out and pulling my hair wont change anything.

So in the afternoon, i was fine. And guess what happened? Two companies where we had investments declared dividends which more than covered the garnished amount. And another good thing that came out of this incident, we finally rationalized our accounts under one corporate account. It had to take the garnishment incident to prod me to finally act. It was a long time option that i kept putting off.

And the second incident, a customer whose new unit had a defect was ballistic and wanted us to replace the whole motorcycle unit. He wouldnt listen to explanations that only the defective part is to be replaced. He wanted a new unit. And he threatened legal action.

That isnt too bad. Talking to a rational lawyer is better than an emotional owner.

And yesterday afternoon, i received the letter from their legal counsel . I immediately wrote a reply explaining the warranty process. Today the owner calls me up to arrange for his unit to be picked up so that we can replace the defective part. I could hear the grudgingness in his voice and tried to give him face. Short of apologizing, i tried to sound apologetic.

Lets hope this becomes an opportunity to turn this customer into a fan.

So, things arent all that bad. Nothing is ever totally wasted. There will always be a learning opportunity. No one is to blame. Things are what it is. The sooner one accepts that, the sooner one can move forward to continue with one’s journey.