Things Will Fall Into Place

For the longest time, I had despaired of one of our departments. I did not have the competency nor the interest to take over this department if the one running it should suddenly quit or be unavailable. I often thought if we should close it down when the department manager retired. I did not see anybody competent enough to take department manager’s place.

But after a year of classes, things suddenly became simpler. For some reason, I finally understood what this department was all about. I started to make my views be heard, implemented some changes – initially with resistance.

And I realized department manager’s views are so outdated. Stuck in the 90s. Several clashes took place as I began to go through the operations and workflow of this department.

The other day, department manager hands in a resignation letter. I was not dismayed. Silently I was glad this happened. Now I have a free hand to implement what I learned.

When one is ready, things will just fall into place. Be open to the possibilities.

Looking Forward

I don’t know what you call that “ride” in the playground. It was shaped like a snowboard and tethered to the ground by a giant coil (spring). You try to balance on it.

It was tempting so I tried it out. The first time I did, I couldn’t find a balance. I flailed this way and that. I was looking at my feet, I tried to put my feet in the space where the feet are supposed to be. No go.

Later that afternoon, I went back to the “ride”. This time around I didn’t look down. I just stepped on. Never mind if my feet were in the wrong position. I tried the motorcycle trick. You know when you’re on a motorcycle, you look where you want to go and your body will subconsciously make the necessary adjustment on the bike.

So I did that. I looked ahead. I didn’t care how my feet were positioned. I bent my knees instinctively – and voila! Amazing! I was balancing myself. I could lean forward, I could lean sideways without spilling over the board.

I learned a lesson there. Never be too concerned with what should be proper. Do not look too near. Do not think it is difficult. Look ahead to what you want to do- and just do it. 🙂

A Nice Walk Because of Principles

The three taxis we approached all wanted a contract price of P200 from the corner of Roxas Bouvelard and Airport Road to Terminal 2. It isn’t much and we can easily afford it but we countered by saying we would pay additional over the actual meter price, we were willing to tip as much as P100 which would be close to 200. All three refused. One said terminal 2 was too near and he wants P200 to make it worthwhile. The second one said he had to make a U turn and it was a waste of time, so he wanted P200. Husband countered by saying but your meter will be on while you are negotiating the U-turn anyway. To which taxi driver insists on the P200 since the U-turn was a distance away. The third one just sped off when we made our counter offer.

Well, we were early. We had time to spare before our flight. It was past 4 and not too hot. I was wearing flat shoes. We only had 2 small overnight totes. The terminal was less than 3 km away… “Shall we walk?” I asked O. Ok by me if its ok with you – he replies. So off we went on a different adventure.

First we crossed to the other side, to the direction of the airport. There we saw more empty taxis, parked. We heard some drivers negotiating with potential passengers. That irked me. I mean I can be generous if one does the job. But I hate it when these drivers abuse the situation. So we went past them and did not even attempt to ask if they would be willing to take us to the terminal.

300 meters away, we tried to hail passing taxis. All seemed to be full. O and I exchange looks – all the way to the airport? let’s go – he replies.

So we walked. Interesting scenes along the way.

I saw constructions workers of an overpass project resting. Dirty children in tattered clothes playing tag. Entrepreneurs selling grilled pork and what nots. Several traffic enforcers just watching the traffic.

We pass the 1 km mark, I start to sweat. Good thing we had water.

Two very helpful traffic aides helped us across the undisciplined intersection crossing. I felt so thankful. When you are hot and sweating, their small act of kindness was multiplied a hundredfold. At that instant, I wanted to hug those two young traffic aides.

The terminal looms ahead. We are probably less than a kilometer away. A taxi slows down beside us. O looks at me – walk all the way or take the taxi? Lets walk all the way, I want to see how the guards will check us as we enter the terminal complex.

We pass by the Kawanihan ng Kwarentenas. O said he was initially perplexed what a Bureau of 40 is. 🙂 Bureau of Quarantine, it says below the Filipino term.

The guards ignore us as we enter the complex. We look up the ramp towards Departure area. There was no sidewalk. So we continue on the the Arrivals area. I look to the right and see Terminal 1. Hey, it doesn’t look so far. I tell O we don’t need to get a taxi next time we need to transfer from terminal 1 to 2 or vice versa.

We go up the escalator to the departure area. Barriers greet us from the escalator to the departure gate. I wasn’t going to walk around. I squeezed past the barrier near the wall. There was a tiny opening. Enough for me.

O was law abiding. He walked around.

I looked at my watch. Not even 30 minutes from the time we decided to walk. Not bad.

Was I glad the mabuhay lounge was finally open after a 2 month renovation. A good end to our walking adventure.


I dreamt of my dad last night. He passed on more than 20yrs ago. Our spiritual professor said that if you dream of a dead person and in your dream you know he has passed on, then it is a visitation.

My dad had more hair in my dream but he looked more or less the age as when he passed on. He wouldve been 77 now.

In my dream i knew he had passed on already and i remember thinking about professor’s words.

Papa smiled at me, i smiled back. I then thought to myself that i should not waste this opportunity to talk to him. But guess what, despite the many instances in my waking life where i wistfully think of having one more chance to talk to papa about any requests of his or affirmation that i was doing right, when the moment actually came, all those i wanted to ask seemed unimportant.

He asked me how i was doing, i replied i was ok. I told him he looked good except for the bigger belly. He smiled again. A benevolent smile.

I asked him if he had seen mama around. He smiled a wistful smile and answered that it doesnt work that way. Which i took to mean that relationships formed in this world does not extend to the afterlife.

We were not actually talking, i could not hear voices. Our conversation was more thought transfers.

There was no sadness in my dream. I wish though that i had told him i love him. Then again, is it important to a spirit who is free to talk about love?

It was a nice dream nevertheless.