Expanding the Boundary

Getting out of your comfort zone takes a concerted effort especially when you have settled in nicely.

You are in your comfort zone, you can still explore within your boundaries. There is still growth there but since you are limited by the borders you have set so shall your growth be limited.

It is true once you start to expand your boundaries, you start to use muscles that have long been at rest. It is uncomfortable at first, stressful even. But as the days and weeks pass, you learn to adjust. You find a new normal and then you find that you have adjusted. Then the rewards come. You explore new ideas, new experiences, befriend people you normally would not befriend if you had stayed within your boundaries. Your life becomes richer. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally you are stretched and once stretched then you get a wider reach.

A new sport, a new hobby, going back to school – anything that you do not normally do. You find that you get a different high from mastering a new endeavour. And you find that your perspective changes once your boundaries expand. You see the world with different eyes. You deal with people differently too. I would like to think that the difference will be for the better.

It takes courage to plunge into a new experience that pushes your boundaries ever wider. I would have it no other way, i have changed.

Too Focused

I was concentrating on what the doctor was saying. I was looking into his eyes. They were gentle eyes behind light rimmed glasses. Soft kind eyes. With the matching gentle voice. Well modulated, no raspiness no shrillness. Quite soothing. I was inside the clinic a good 30 minutes.

But when i got out, i tried to remember the doctor’s face and my mind drew a blank. Oh my, if i met the doctor in the elevator i would probably not recognize him. Try as i might, i simply could not form an image.

How is that possible?

I do remember his voice though. Very nice voice.