A Child Again


There was a rope course in the resort we went to the other day. I have always liked this activity. The first time was in the UpsideDown House in Orlando, Florida. It was scary fun. I didn’t finish the whole course but I satisfied my curiosity of balancing high up in the sky (ceiling in this case). So when I saw the rope course here in my hometown, I had to try it. Maybe I would have less fear this time around.

There was a slight apprehension on the first step. You know that feeling when you want to do something but you are scared to take the first step? I overcame that and it was exhilarating. And then I got to the cargo net obstacle. I was fine until I got to the middle, I was probably doing it wrong or my arms just did not have enough strength to support my body. My biceps and forearm muscles started quivering on the halfway mark. By the time I got 3/4 of the way, my arms were so tired that I just stopped, holding on to the netting. O told me to let go since I had a harness anyway. I didn’t want to but my arms were burning. I let go and I pulled myself across towards the rest stop. And even then, I couldn’t pull myself up to the platform. My son helped me up and all I could think of was “So this is how it feels when you are holding on to a ledge or onto another person and you feel your hand slipping …”


When I finally pulled myself up the platform, I told the watcher that I wanted to stop. It took all the remaining strength left to climb down from the rope course. My arms were burning and quivering uncontrollably. But it was fun 🙂

It took more than an hour before my arms felt normal and then I saw the bungee trampoline. Hmmm, another of my dream activity. I’ve always wanted to do a front or back flip but lost my nerve. I did get to do my splits and the height that I got to was also exhilarating. I would’ve gone on jumping but the harness was digging into my thighs and starting to be uncomfortable.

The height I reached put a wide smile on my face.

I planned to go back the following day but like most childhood activities, my exuberance ended with a scraped knee and palms when I tripped on a stone as I hop-skipped my way along the winding path and hurtled towards the ground.

Oh well, accidents happen. So here I am with a bleeding knee. But I sure had fun before the accident. I might do the trampoline thing again but that is it with the rope course. Curiosity definitely satisfied.


This year is a new low for me. I have never enjoyed giving christmas gifts to my family. This year I have no gifts for my brother and his family. I will give red envelopes to most of my godchildren. Even my sons are not spared; only one has a gift. And none for O.

I much prefer preparing gifts for our scholars, for the security guard, our house help …

It’s not that I don’t care for my family, it’s just that I give them little gifts all year round whenever I find that thing that I think they will like. And lately the gifts have been more about experiences rather than material things. They don’t have the latest phones, no tablets, no fancy cars, no fancy clothes either but they definitely are not wanting in these stuffs – just not the top end.

The other people however, it gives me a bit of excitement thinking what to give. Sometimes the gifts aren’t even brand new. Something from my past that I treasure. Jewelry given to me in my youth that I have outgrown. Sturdy bags that I like but have too many of because of corporate gifts. Perfumes in bottles that are exquisite but I have no use for.

This year was no different. I spent more time thinking what they would like. And the brightness in their eyes, the excitement in their voices as they say thank you – that lifts my spirits. It makes my day knowing that my gift will not just be one of many.

I guess that is why I like giving to them. Because my gift might be the only one they receive this christmas.