It was only last year that I found out that the word that I thought to mean playing by ear, in my mind widow, was actually Oido after the Spanish word oir – to hear.

I have always been an oido person. I play the piano by ear. I dance by listening to how the music is played. I learn a new skill by feel. That should have clued me in to what kind of person I was, intuitive and feeling. But no, I resisted and thought I was a logical thinking person. Practical yes but I guess not as logical as I thought.

And to think it took a business course to make me realise my true self.

So there I was, collaborating on a new choreography based on Oido. But my friend was a counting person. And so I had to break down the music to beats and movements. And there my business course came to my aid. The training of the past 18 months made it easier to access the methodical part of my brain. And so count I did. A bit difficult at first but count I finally did.

And what do you know, the counting improved my dance; our dance. It was easier to share thoughts, to fine-tune the steps and to move in unison. It is a funny thing. You feel but you can not improve if you do not think. You think but you will not shine if you do not feel. It does take two.

I am still basically an oido person but I am no longer exclusively so. I am learning to use my whole brain. For the better.


I am not really a fan of Eat-all-you-can restaurants. But this new restaurant opened in our city and a cousin said their sushi selection is great. And our boys were home for the weekend, so we decided to have lunch there.

I knew even before we decided to eat at this place that the PHP788 fee would be very expensive for me and would not be sulit. But we went anyway.

It was not a good experience. First off, there was a slight buzz of rush as you get into the restaurant. Most people seemed to go wild at the sight of all the selections. Turkey, Roast Beef, Chateaubriand beef, lechon, fresh steamed shrimps, dumplings, many more and the japanese selections of course. i went straight to the maki area. All the choices did not look appetising and I didn’t even have the urge to try. I got some salmon and tuna. I am not a beef person so there wasn’t much for me to eat. The Italian section was likewise uninspiring.

The tuna and salmon sashimi were not firm. So-so.

The desserts were ok. Not very yummy but good enough.

But what made the experience worse for me was the lighting. After an hour and a half inside the restaurant, my eyes were feeling tired. Its the same feeling when I am in the malls of Hongkong. I don’t know the science behind this but it was very uncomfortable as I waited for my boys to finish. If their decorator’s intention was to make people uncomfortable that they would not want to stay very long, it certainly worked for me.

I will not be back, even if it is free.

Watch What You Say

Because this year’s festival is caught in the middle of politics, I have been interviewed on touchy subjects. I am always afraid that I may have said something that will be misconstrued or is inappropriate. Which gives me a greater appreciation of diplomats and to a smaller degree, of politicians.

Sometimes I forget and react instinctively when the interviewer mentions an event or another party’s reaction. Like yesterday, he said this agency mentioned that we did not invite them to join in the preparations. I replied in a puzzled tone that this agency’s mandate seemed to be more promotion, liaising with the national government and monitoring. I was too frank. 

Tonight I got to thinking. I shouldn’t have reacted like that. I should have said something tactful like “I will look into that” because truthfully, my presumptions may be wrong. 

And I should practice talking with the corners of my mouth up. Like the French. So sexy. 

I hope though that there will be no more of this for me. It is quite tiring to be always on your guard.