All is Well for Today

It is a rather good end to an otherwise glum day. 

I woke up with my anaemia rearing its ugly head. The ongoing negotiations with a business entity was not going well either with the other party stalling. It was a slightly depressing day. And yet I could not escape. To do so would aggravate the situation. 

I kept to my schedule despite being rushed and all. And I am glad I did. 

Today was the last day of our flamenco practise before we have the general rehearsals. Today Tita Angie was around to give pointers. Today I got lost in the music and the dance. She is a great motivator. She made us feel, she made our dance complete. Today I was a Malaguena. I was suplada, arrogant. At times suffering and in pain and finally jubilant and devil may care. And the worries were left behind.

I did not feel faint. My muscles did not burn. Thank you my body for cooperating.

This afternoon the other party in the negotiations made some encouraging comments. Little steps. I do not need the big victories. The little advancements are enough for me because of the dance.

Truly, dance energizes me. I love my life.


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