And i say that with all affection and none of the negative connotations the word conjures.

These nice people i recently encountered are down to earth and direct with their feelings. Their interaction with their women are shades of our very own carino brutal. No fancy rigmarole, no cosmopolitan or vogue moments- they treat their women as individuals who can stand on their own. I like their humor. I like that they say things as it is.

I have lost none of my fascination with the english concept of civility. I simply realized that there are other options and none is above the other.

Would i be happy with a redneck? It takes getting used to. It takes a slight change of perception. But if you grew up with this culture, it is fair and beautiful in its roughness. I see the affection behind their uncouthness, if i may use the word. Their expressions and outlook may jar your world at first but as you interact, you realize that they are people with the same values covered in a slightly coarser wrap.

I can not change how i was influenced growing up but i can be open to new influences down the line. None is superior than the other.


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