The Other World

I was talking to an acquaintance during a lull in the local festivities and for some reason it veered towards religion. Like where I go to church and why don’t I go to the church … the likes.

Acquaintance was telling the story of how several years back she was searching for peace in her life but now she is settled with Christianity. She puts the spirit world in a bad light, how being open to them opens you up also to evil.

I have always been a believer of the other world; of spirits and the enchanted world. O’s third eye is open and he is sensitive to the spirit world. I try to be but I seem to be too rational to feel them. I consider them friendlies and do not fear them. When weird things happen, talking to them seems to help and ease the unexplained stuffs.

Acquaintance has now closed her third eye and extols the virtue of having a narrow mind in terms of religious belief. It is less prone to temptation and the focus strengthens her beliefs.

It is a different view and I respect her views. It made me realize that mine is not the only view and being open is not necessarily good for other people. Some people prefer to be on the straight and narrow. Some people want the comforts of the familiar. Some people do not want to explore.

I do not believe in any religion but I do believe that we are one. One with each other and one with the world. A kind of new age mumbo-jumbo. *smile* Maybe it is mumbo jumbo but it is real for me.

To be one with everyone, I have to listen and accept. I will not change her to my way of thinking. I will not convince her as I hope she won’t convince me to attend church services.

It was an interesting night.