I had a chance to talk to a deeply religious friend facing a health crisis. She recounted her trials and I was surprised when she mentioned how she questioned why she was having these trials. It surprised me that she is like the majority of religious people I know who waver in their faith when fced with trials.

I am not religious but I do believe in a god. I never questioned why my life turns out the way it does. Not when my father was suddenly taken away from this world without any warning. Not when my mother passed away after a difficult 6months after diagnosis of an illness. It is the will of god.

I too suffer on occasions but it does not overwhelm because the most time that i dwell on the imagined injustice is overnight. By the next day i am over the shock or worry of the initial discovery/incident. By accepting what has happened it is easier to move forward to better times.

When my own time comes, i have prepared myself for so long that if given a chance to die after an illness i will prepare everyone for my departure. I will not question why it happens. I will not dwell on my suffering. I will just let go and enjoy my last days. If i am fortunate to have time to prepare.

Catholic, protestant, buddhist – they are all the same. The people i know, when faced with a crisis – they asked if they had done something bad to deserve the misfortune they are facing.

And i had to tell my friend not to think that way. Because if that were the case, how does one explain babies and children dying from painful illnesses? How does one explain philippine politicians?