Bad Mood

I really don’t care to be tactful when I am in a bad mood. And obviously I am less forgiving when in this state. 

When a teenager calls me by my first name and thinks to be on the same level as me, on a good day i will let it pass but since I am in a bad mood, I brushed him off. He wanted to talk to me about his experience in school, I told him I was not interested because I never liked the school where he is enrolled. I do not need to be solicitous to him since he considers me an equal anyway. 

Maybe in Japan he calls his elders by their first name, I told him I would tolerate him calling me by my first name but reminded him that in the Philippines, respect for elders is strictly followed and he should address all my relatives as aunties or uncles or titos and titas. The first few times I let the first name basis pass but I guess a small pebble will bother you if it stays in your shoes long enough. And today was that day.

Remind me again why I opened our home to this foreign person?

My teenagers were not this full of themselves when they were in their teens. But both foreign students we hosted think they are smart enough when in reality they know squat. Last night, teenager asked my help in his essay regarding poverty in Bacolod. He said he doesn’t think Bacolod is poor. I disabused him of the idea. I told him that his life with us is not the norm. And that poverty is very much a problem in the whole country.

And he thinks just because he’s been here 3 months that he knows my country? That is the problem with most teenagers. 

I’m venting. Better here on wordpress than to his face.