The other day, a familiar face smiled at me at a school activity of my son. I smiled back not recognizing him. Then he said that his son Mike, our former scholar was now in Manila. I immediately put a surname to his son. Gosh that was so long ago. I smiled and made a guess as to his grade level. I was off by 2 years. So now our former scholar has graduated college and is now an accountant. Amazing. His dad called his wife and pointed me out to her. Short chitchat. They were picking up their younger daughter who is a classmate of my son. I thought that if they no longer applied for a scholarship then that must mean that their business is now doing ok.

I remember the circumstance of the scholarship application. It made me happy that our Second Wind Program has indeed given them a second wind in this marathon called life. I was buoyed by the fact that our small help had eased their problems a little. That happiness suffused my whole being and put a smile to my face everytime I think of the encounter.  Two days hence, I still feel lighthearted.

Those incidents are the reason we continue on with our Program despite minimal cooperation from the school. I have to prepare the application forms, put up the posters/notices for the program (do the marketing) and interview the very few applicants. Four years ago, I almost stopped the program owing to the lackadaisical response from the school but I am glad we continued. If only for moments like those, I am glad that we are making a difference.