Gollee, Jesus Criminey

I spent the past week in the company of people from middle America. Conservative Trump supporters with hearts of gold. Company I am not familiar with.

I am a liberal. Not die hard but I lean towards that. The past week though, in the company of conservatives, I saw a different America. I saw an America that was willing to die for their country. An America that was wary of anything beyond black, white and grey. An America that is respectful of authorities. An America that is unfamiliar with most of the world.

I enjoyed their company. Simple needs. Simple wants. Enjoying nature, enjoying their brand of humor, enjoying their music, their repartees, their gripes. No affectations and no double entendres. It was refreshing.

And I realize that I am like them too in their basic desires. And you realize that people are beyond labels. And you realize that the liberal media is doing them a disservice by looking down at them and criticizing their choices. Isn’t that what being a liberal is after all? Allowing people their choices, not ramming down a decision down anyone’s throats?

It is a polarizing world.

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