Validating My Emotions

What i loathed ever since i could remember is what i have become today.

I have always been disgusted with women characters in movies and tv shows who are so emotional, and who act so stupidly because of being overwhelmed by their emotions. Sometimes i would stop watching the show because of the disgust i felt. Most often their actions would totally turn me off towards the movie in general.

But after the ME course, i realized that deep down i was that person and that i had covered it up by being logical and rational. But it was this conflict between my emotional self and my logical self that was bringing so much angst in my life.

Since i now recognized what my base personality was, i decided to manage it rather than keep it hidden. Over the past few years after finishing ME, i decided not to ignore my feelings. In time i became more attuned to my gut feels. I listened to my emotions before i made my final decision. And in time, i find that the conflict between my left and right brain has lessened.

Today i can safely say that i am squarely in the corner of emotions. I let how i feel lead me to the directions i take. But the difference is i am aware of the shortcoming of being too emotional and years of being logical has served me well. Today i follow my emotions but i never forget to balance it with logic and pragmatism.

And today, i am content with how it has turned out. I understand those characters who do stupid things because of emotions. I still think they are stupid but i am no longer disgusted. Now i understand them.

Discovering Japanese Drama

I have never been a fan of anime and so Japanese movies and TV shows were never been in my line of sight. Until we bought a large TV and to bond with my boys, I asked them to choose any movie and I would watch with them. As long as it wasn’t anime or horror (totally not into horror). They chose Rurouni Kenshin. And that was it. I was hooked. Amazing swordfight choreography, so elegant so passionate.

And that was the start of my fascination. First was the actor who portrayed Kenshin, Satoh Takeru. I didn’t find him cute at first but his looks kind of grows on you. After watching the rest of the Kenshin movies, he definitely became cuter. And i moved on to his other movies. Alone this time, without my boys. I started with Ajin. Yup, still good. Continued on with If Cats Disappeared from the World. Oh my, that was so different from the usual hollywood movie. So moving and so tenderly acted. And because of that Genki Kawamura came into view. Another author whose books I have to read. And Satoh Takeru delivered. I cried gentle tears.

Next on the list was 8-Year Engagement. Now, i am firmly his fan. Another stellar performance. So different from Kenshin or Ajin or the postman. He is good! And i think i finished a box of tissues.

Then there was KoiTsuDo – he can do comedy! That was a totally enjoyable series, I watched it thrice. Then Bitter Blood, another comedy. Still cute Satoh.

And from there I discovered other movies like My Tomorrow Your Yesterday, Let Me Eat Your Pancreas… the list goes on.

Beyond K-drama is J-drama and while the former was the first to call me, it is the latter that has captured my head and heart. The difference between flirtation and love.