Ballin Shoes – II

Image Very very comfy Italian shoes.  The family behind Ballin shoes has been making hand-made shoes in Venice since 1945.  These office shoes with 7.5cm heel/ 3inches did not pinch my toes at all.  Very solid and stable heel too.  I wore them the whole day and did not even realize that the heels are that high.  

More information on their website:


Ballin Shoes


I found this brand in Milan.  Ballin Shoes opened their first single-brand store located in Santo Spirito, Milan in 2011.  Previously they were available in other multi-brand shoe-stores /department stores in Italy, Germany, France and Russia.  They had lovely evening wear but they were all open-toed and I am a little shy about showing off my toes.  So I bought office shoes.


Image   It’s very comfortable.  It is extra cushiony in the sole and heel.  It’s a brand that I will look out for when next I am in Italy.